Aug 13, 2015

Catching Up!

So, it's been quite a while since I have posted. The last time I talked to you was before summer ended, before I even graduated! This is because I was not only busy with prom and graduation, but I was simply busy with trying to put everything aside and enjoy my last few months, before I went off to college, with as little responsibilities as possible. 

Now that I will be leaving for college in 10 days(!!!), I am trying to get everything back in order! Which means getting back on top of my blogging (as if I was ever truly on top of it). 

Well, since the last time I posted, the things I have been doing most, are seeing my friends as much as possible before I leave for school, and camping! Oh goodness, have I been camping. If you don't know this, which you probably don't, seeing as I actually haven't talked much about it here, I love camping. This summer, I have spent about a month camping all together. 

But now that all of my camping trips are done, and its time for me to procrastinate packing for school as much as I can before I really need to start getting things done, here I am! 

I have some posts planned, but the planning of when I will post them, is still in progress. My schedule is going to be a little weird for at least the next month while I try to get into the college groove. With all my new classes and things I am going to try to figure out what the most convenient blogging schedule will be for me, as quickly as possible. But until then, I have a feeling my posts are going to be quite sporadic. 

Please try to be patient with me while I start this new part of my life!

Lots of Love,

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