Jul 9, 2014

Work It!


            So, just like many females all over the world I have struggled with my weight for a very long time. Not only have I tried to lose some of it for so long, I have also tried the "be happy with the way you are" approach. But lets be honest, that technique only works for some people. There is nothing wrong with people who are able to think like that, kudos to all of you because I am sure that I'm not the only one who wishes to have the ability to think that way. There is also nothing wrong with people who don't think like that. 

            In writing this post I am in no way trying to tell anybody that they should be trying to lose weight or need to change in any way. This post is to try and help people who are looking for a healthy way to lose those extra pounds they can't seem to get rid of. Everybody is perfect and beautiful just the way they are and as much as I wish everyone could realize that, they won't and they are going to keep trying to change themselves until they are happy. And instead of going the unhealthy way like starving themselves, or something along those lines, they can try these tips. 

            I know that I am not the heaviest person in the world. But I am also not a person who is comfortable to wear a bikini in public, or even a fitted shirt. I haven't worn a fitted shirt in public, in three years. The only shirts I wear, are loose and do not touch my stomach. So despite not being the heaviest person, I am not completely happy nor am I confident. And those two things are what I am aiming to acquire by losing this extra weight. 

             I have tried many things to lose weight in the past, and some of them have actually helped me to shed a couple of pounds. But of course, I never kept up with them and stopped losing the weight. Now, just keep in mind that everyone's bodies are different so, the things that helped me may not help you, but some of these tips are quite universal and have helped many people other than just myself. 

Lets get into it.

Tip 1: Drink LOTS of water. This is obviously one of those universal ones, considering almost anyone you ask will tell you this. A way to help you figure out how much water you should actually drink is to take your weight and divide it by two. Whatever the number you get, is how much water, in ounces, you should be drinking daily. Not only is this good for your body, it will help curb your appetite, you will notice that you are reaching into the food pantry much less. 

Tip 2: Eat every 2-3 hours. You may be thinking, that's a lot of eating. I don't mean every time you eat it should be an entire meal, just a little snack . Maybe a yogurt or a cheese stick. (You should still be eating, breakfast, lunch and dinner as meals though). This will help keep your metabolism up. What I did was, depending on my schedule for school or dance, I would write down what time I should eat everything so that I had a guide until I got used to it. 

Tip 3: Eat breakfast. I never really used to think this was an important step but it really is. It helps you become more energized in the morning and keeps your metabolism going throughout the day. It is so important to eat breakfast, it will help you in so many ways!

Tip 4: Eat a variety of foods. With every meal, don't just eat meat and some salad, have a side of fruit, maybe some nuts. Just combine some yummy, super healthy foods and you'll have a nice diverse meal!

Tip 5: Eat slowly. No matter how hungry you are, slow down. You don't want to eat too fast and end up eating too much because you didn't give yourself enough time to realize you were hungry. If you're used to shoveling your food into your mouth at times (I'm guilty), try chewing at least twenty times before you swallow. Or you can try setting your silverware (or burger, etc.) down between every bite and waiting a couple of seconds after you swallow to pick it back up again.

Tip 6: BE PATIENT. It is so important that you know, that it takes time to lose weight. You're not going to drop two sizes over night. But as long as you keep working at it and don't give up, eventually you will be able to get rid of those unnecessary pounds.

Tip 7: Exercise. Just sitting around eating healthy food and drinking water, isn't going to get you anywhere. You have to move around a bit too! Get sweaty! Not only will you lose weight, you will find yourself so much more energized and feeling healthy and happy!

 Tip 8: Vary your exercises. Mix it up, do cardio some days, and find an exercise routine for other days. Trust me they aren't that hard to find, they are all over the internet!  

                   I hope this was of some help to some of you! I know these things have been helping me recently! I am thinking of making yoga a thing in my schedule too! It's supposed to help a lot with losing weight and just physical health all together!

                        If you have any tips that I didn't mention, feel free to comment and let us all know what they are! Also, let me know in the comments if any of these things have helped you!!

Thank you so much for reading!
With lots and lots of love,
Marissa! <3

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