Nov 26, 2014

Wednesday Words #2!


I hope that you're week is going wonderfully! 

This weeks Wednesday Words quote is, "See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see." 

I think that this is an important thing for people to do because, so often, we find ourselves 'hating' on others. I don't know if this is true for everyone, everywhere, but I find that so many of the females I know excessively hate on each other. Because rather than helping other girls and building each other up, we find ourselves feeling as though we need to constantly compete with other women for some unknown reason. But we need to stop that.

Not saying that it's only females. I have seen men doing this to other men, many times. I have even seen men doing this to women and vice versa. 

We need to stop finding all of the 'negative' things in others and pointing those out and constantly focusing on all of this bad stuff. Instead we need to start finding all of the amazing, uplifting and just good qualities in everyone and build each other up with those. 

People always say that the world is becoming such a negative and unhappy place. Things like this are the reason why. If everyone continues to constantly go around hating on each other and focusing on everything that is negative in the people around them, how on earth can people expect the world, or themselves for that matter to be positive in any light?

This is not at all, me claiming that I never see anything but positivities in anyone. I, just like so many others, am guilty of judging people by some small thing they once did that I didn't like. But being aware of the fact that I do this and understanding that it will never help me in any way, is a good step towards not doing it. 

Seeing the light in others and treating them as if thats all I see, is something I am always working toward. Imagine how much happier the world would be if everyone was constantly working toward that. 

That's all for now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it tomorrow! I'm going to my grandparents house and having a huge yummy feast!!!! (I'm so excited!) What about you? 

With Lots and Lots of Love,
Marissa! <3

Nov 20, 2014



                   I apologize for not uploading yesterday, but I was not home very much as I have been trapped in my house since Monday night! 

                     I live in Buffalo and you may or maynot be aware of the huge snowstorm we have been going through but it is quite crazy. 

                     Our side-streets have not been plowed, and there is 5 feet of snow all over in the street! Yesterday, it finally stopped snowing pretty much all day until about 6pm. And when it did start snowing, it didn't get "blizzard-y" again until 11pm. So we finally had the chance to get out of the house and I took advantage of that! 

Please excuse the quality of the photos as they are all from my phone! 
I took this, standing in the middle of my street.

                 Many people were stuck in their cars for many hours, my grandfather being one of them. He was in his car for 13 hours and got so cold that when we called him, he couldn't even talk. Him, and the people stuck around him walked to a car factory that was nearby for warmth. They got water and granola bars. And had to sleep on the floor. They were there for 24 hours before they were able to help each other shovel their cars out and go home. 

                 My grandfather is finally home, safe and warm, thankfully with only a cold. But there are still people stuck in hotels, strangers houses and random buildings which saddens me because I'm sure they would love to go home to their family. I just hope that they are all safe and warm.

Okay! Enough heavy stories! On to the good part. 

                    I love snow storms like this because the whole neighborhood always helps each other and is even more friendly than normal! Everyone comes together and makes the absolute best of everything, constantly laughing and smiling. Telling stories and sharing the extra things they have that others need.

My brother is in the red coat and he is 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

The snow is halfway up the door of our local convenient store.

There are abandoned cars like the two in this picture, all over the main roads that got stuck and are buried under snow. 

We don't usually have snow-mobiles driving down our main roads but its easiest to get around that way!

                   So, as you can see there is a lot of snow. Buffalo is no stranger to snow storms. They happen every year here. But big ones like this, that are almost impossible to clean up and leave people stranded for days, only happen every couple of years. So we aren't completely used to all of this, which is why every time it does happen, we still get all excited. I'm sure this is nothing compared to places that snow all year long. But its not completely usual to us. 

                      Alright, I need to go eat some breakfast and do some more shoveling (thanks to the extra foot and a half of snow we got last night). 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

With lots and lots of love,
Marissa! <3

Nov 12, 2014

Wednesday Words #1


I hope you have all had a good week so far! 

               This week, for the first Wednesday Words, the quote I chose is; "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks." 

                I think that a lot of times, we, as human beings, tend to get stuck on the things that bring us down. For instance, when someone makes us mad, a lot of times we sit infuriated and ranting (whether it be out loud or in our heads) about all the things that were wrong in the situation we just encountered. And most of the times, we don't even do anything about it. 

             So rather than moving on, we are attached to this negative feeling for a little while until something better comes along. 

              Sure, sometimes you are just in a bad mood, but that mood could be distracting you from some cool things, even if its as simple as just having a good laugh with your friends. 

             All in all, try not to get stuck on the things that put negative thoughts in your head, just brush it off and find a reason to smile (trust me, there's lots of them).

With Lots and Lots of Love,
Marissa! <3

Nov 11, 2014

Wednesday Words!!


                 I am going to start off by explaining that the reason I have been absent from this blog for so long, is I have gotten extremely busy (excuses, excuses, I know!) with school and dance and I am also trying to find a job because, sadly I don't have one yet! 

                 I'm going to start a new weekly post called, "Wednesday Words". It's going to feature a quote, that I very much like, and my thoughts about it and things like, how I try to apply it to my everyday life! 

                Wednesday is the middle of the week and sometimes we just need a good pick-me-up! And I thought maybe some of these posts could be just that for you! Tomorrow will hold the first Wednesday Words post!

                  Also! I would like to inform you that I am (finally) starting to plan future posts rather than leave it up to my ideas on those days. Because frankly, that approach was not working for me! And I think you would all agree! I mean, I feel as though that approach probably doesn't work for very many people, aside from the extremely skilled.

Before I go, I want to say Happy Veteran's day to everyone! And I would love for everyone to say a prayer for all veterans and families of veterans as I will be doing tonight!

                That is all for todays post! I am looking forward to your thoughts on the first Wednesday Words! 

With Lots and Lots of love, 
Marissa! <3