About Me

Hello! Thank you for popping over! Here are a few things about me... Hence the title of this page.

My name is Mari and I am 19 years old, I am an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant (I will probably talk about it in my blog quite often; if you have any questions feel free to contact me!) and I sell jewelry in a kiosk at the local mall...

 I started this blog when I was 17 and boy oh boy am I riding the struggle bus when it comes to keeping up with posting. It's tricky, don't let those 'pro-bloggers' fool you!

Well, my favorite things include bubbles, water (lake, sea, chlorinated, bottled, any kind of water really), food, ghosts, leaves, and festive aesthetics (actually many aesthetics).

Oh! And I enjoy adding side-notes in parenthesis... (if you can't tell by now).

Writing is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed all my life. As a child I used to write books about my friends and I and dreamed to one day publish a best selling book that would pull readers into another world that they longed to be a part of.

 So I decided to create this blog to give myself the opportunity to write more often, I figured a public platform might push my writing to become more frequent. I also had the underlying hope that somebody, somewhere in the world might someday come across it and receive some form of help from me, whether its as uncomplicated as overcoming boredom or as complex as gaining a new light in the way they see the world around them.

On this blog I will be sharing a variety of things including thoughts, adventures, and opinions. This is a place where want us to be able to communicate and share things with each other. 

 With luck, you will take something from the things I write, or maybe you will take nothing at all, but in the end I hope you enjoy the things I post here whether they be moving, informative, hopeful, helpful, simple, extravagant, organized or completely random.

I hope you enjoy my infrequent and poorly planned out babbling!

Love Always,

(Here is a photo of me.)

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