Mar 5, 2017

How To Save Money - Three Day Rule

I recently came across an article on Facebook about a way to save money. 
I am definitely not the best with saving money; although I have gotten much better at it, if I do say so myself. So whenever I see something that gives me ideas on how to improve my spending/saving habits, I take the opportunity to look into it.

However, I find that I tend to get a little annoyed with a lot of the articles and/or videos on how to cut back spending and rack up saving. This is usually because they tend to turn out being ads for the online surveys that pay you and all the other possibly-true ways to make extra cash that I just don't trust. 

I was very excited when I came across this one and discovered it wasn't that at all.

This article talks about the "Three Day Rule" which is, when you see something that you want to purchase, wait three days before you buy it and, if after three days, you still want it just as bad as you did the first day, make that purchase. 
Another rule that the writer gave herself was that, if its something you can only use once "(coffee, fast food, shots at the bar)" she wouldn't buy it. 

When I think of impulse buying, I think of buying very expensive items just because. Saying f*ck it and dropping lots of cash all at once and regretting it later.
But for me, and most others, impulse buying is more like going to target and buying 3 or 4 items from the $5 & under section every time. And then stopping at Starbucks on the way out because it looked good. 

All of this adds up... quickly. 

So I have decided to try the "Three Day Rule" and see if I can lower my useless spending.

We can all use a little bit of extra cash!

Love Always, 

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