Jan 9, 2015

A New Year Is Here!


Hello Lovlies!

2015 is upon us! A new year is here and this means its time to start our resolutions! Unless you you are somebody who doesn't do resolutions. Maybe you do goals? Or maybe you just continue living as if nothing is new. Either way, Happy New Year!!

I'm going to share with you my goals/resolutions for 2015! (Now that I've finally had the time to sit down and finish this darn post!)

I'm going to start off with my "health" goals. The first one is a rather odd goal to have, but it's something I think would be fun to try, because I presume it could be beneficial to my health... Anyway! Let's get into them!

1. Drink at least one smoothie every day for a month. (Yeah, not sure when I'm going to do this, but I want to at some point.)

2. Eat less processed, junk and fast food. 

3. Wait twenty minutes before going back for seconds when eating. 

4. Run at least once a week. (Also walk more.)

5. Run a marathon. 

Now for goals that steer away from my physical health...

6. Do nothing but build others up and cheer them on.

7. Do not dislike anyone unless they give you a legitimate reason to. (I have a habit of seeing people and assuming I'm supposed to not like them, then proceeding to find stupid little reasons not to like them.)

8. Love unconditionally. (I need to do more of this.)

9. Find the positives in everything.

10. Write more. Write everything. (I absolutely love writing. But I hardly ever do because all my thoughts get jumbled up and I essentially have too much to write about or don't know where to start.)

Well, there they are; my 2015 resolutions/goals. I'm quite excited to see how well I do in fulfilling them, I think I can achieve something here! My new years resolution last year was to be happy. Just to let myself smile and laugh as much as I could and although I didn't do perfectly, I definitely improved on the happiness scale. So I'm very proud of myself there, and I'm hoping to be proud of myself at the end of this year.

Let me know what some of your goals are in the comments!

With Lots and Lots of Love,
Marissa! <3

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