Aug 18, 2015

A New Addition To The Family?!

A few weeks ago my mom decided to tell me and my brother that she was going to look at some puppies because a woman near us was selling Golden Labradors. Mind you, the second she said this my heart skipped a beat because Golden Retrievers and Labs are my two favorite dogs so having my very own combination of the two sounded like something of a dream. She told us not to get our hopes up, as a lot of people seemed interested and there were only nine of them so it was first come, first serve. She said that if she was able to get one, she would send us a picture. And sure enough, I got a picture the next day with the caption "MEET YOUR NEW BABY BROTHER!!!"

(A picture I posted of him on my instagram)

Even though we are getting him the day before I leave for school, (I actually joked with my mom about how I thought that she was replacing me with him) I am still beyond thrilled. I have had a cat since I was six years old and my mom always said that after he passed away, we weren't getting anymore pets and she always seemed quite set on that, so I definitely was not expecting this!

We have been arguing about what his name should be since we found out that he would be joining our family, but the other night, we finally came to an agreement. Although I was quite set on a name that we had all said that we liked earlier, I was able to let it go and agree on naming him Finn!

I was going to wait until after we brought him home to write this post, but I decided that when that time came I would be too busy, not only packing and moving into my dorm, but playing with him as much as I could before I am gone! (Although i am lucky that my school is only 40 minutes away so it won't be hard for me to come home every now and then to visit!)

I am so excited to be bringing him home in only four days now! Have any of you ever had a dog or getting one? Tell me about it in the comments! We can talk about our puppies together!

Lots of Love,
Mari! (:

Aug 13, 2015

Catching Up!

So, it's been quite a while since I have posted. The last time I talked to you was before summer ended, before I even graduated! This is because I was not only busy with prom and graduation, but I was simply busy with trying to put everything aside and enjoy my last few months, before I went off to college, with as little responsibilities as possible. 

Now that I will be leaving for college in 10 days(!!!), I am trying to get everything back in order! Which means getting back on top of my blogging (as if I was ever truly on top of it). 

Well, since the last time I posted, the things I have been doing most, are seeing my friends as much as possible before I leave for school, and camping! Oh goodness, have I been camping. If you don't know this, which you probably don't, seeing as I actually haven't talked much about it here, I love camping. This summer, I have spent about a month camping all together. 

But now that all of my camping trips are done, and its time for me to procrastinate packing for school as much as I can before I really need to start getting things done, here I am! 

I have some posts planned, but the planning of when I will post them, is still in progress. My schedule is going to be a little weird for at least the next month while I try to get into the college groove. With all my new classes and things I am going to try to figure out what the most convenient blogging schedule will be for me, as quickly as possible. But until then, I have a feeling my posts are going to be quite sporadic. 

Please try to be patient with me while I start this new part of my life!

Lots of Love,