Mar 4, 2015

The Future Is Bright!

Hello Lovelies!

Of recent, my anxiety has been a little higher than usual. It's been quite annoying, as it has been leaving me in a much more groggy and unmotivated mood than I am normally in. But no worries, I am trying my hardest to get back on track as, life is going to continue to happen despite how I am feeling. 

Part of the reason I have been feeling so much more anxious recently is because, I believe, of the many things I am planning and the new adventures I'm going to be starting soon! 

The first 'new adventure' I am going to be going on is not so much as an adventure but a milestone I will be passing. This month I am going to be turning eighteen, which is crazy! I am finding it hard to grasp the idea that I am going to, finally, be legal so soon. 

 In April I am going to Florida to visit my cousin! I am so excited to be able to see my cousin as I am very close to her and miss her since she moved a couple of months ago. And I'm also pumped to just be going to Florida! I haven't been there since 2012 and I only went to Disney World then, so I like that I will actually be able to explore more of the state! 

I'm also FINALLY taking my drivers license test! (It's about time, considering I have had my permit for two years now!)

But above all, I think that the biggest adventure I am going to be going on very soon (this fall to be exact), is college! Gahhh! I'm thrilled and incredibly anxious at the same time! As I have never moved from home yet, this will be the first time and it's extremely daunting to think about. Though don't get me wrong, as I stated previously, I'm still very enlivened at this thought. I have already started making a list of things to bring with me for my dorm, and I can't stop watching college preparation videos on YouTube! You could say that I'm a bit obsessed with planning for it!

Despite all of my recent anxiety, I keep trying to remind myself that the future is bright! I'm going on many new adventures and I am not going to let anxiety get the best of me.

Do you have anything exciting or nerve wracking coming up? Leave a comment telling me about it! I would love to hear!

Lots of Love,

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