Apr 23, 2015

On The Bright Side - Stress Relief!

Hello lovely people!

Lately I have been very stressed, mainly about things that have to do with money (who would have guessed?), like the expenses of prom and college and getting my car on the road. 

As I am someone who constantly stresses over every little thing, which I believe to be the reason for my beloved chronic migraines, I have gotten quite used to the wonderful feeling of being stressed. But I am human, and sometimes it gets to be a bit too much. So I am always trying to find new ways to "de-stress". 

Yesterday I spent some time with a friend of mine. She is one of my longest friends and knows me almost as well as I know myself. She gave me the idea of making two lists, one would be titled "Whats Wrong" and the other "On The Bright Side".

We both made our own lists together and I found that it was quite beneficial. It opened my eyes to all of the positives behind my problems, big or small. I liked that I was finding these positives on my own, rather than someone showing them to me. It also motivated me to try and fix some of those obstacles that were causing me so much stress. 

I highly suggest that anybody who is feeling stressed to the max, or even stressed at all, try this technique. Even if there is no plain and clear bright side to your problem, you can simply point out the fact that, if you work hard enough you can overcome this. 

These lists aren't just for people who are stressed out. You can use them for anything. Maybe you're in one of those funks where you just feel helpless and unmotivated, I'm sure this would help tons with something like that also! This is a very general technique jsut to help you feel better. 

Lots of Love,

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