May 1, 2015


I love art. It's a beautiful thing isn't it?

I have never been that amazing at art, but I've always wanted to do it. Although my fear of being less than notable has stopped me from trying many times.

I go to an arts school and I was talking to an art teacher the other day and I told him about my predicament. He told me that "Nobody is born an amazing artist. You have to work and practice to get good." And I guess that spoke to me because I decided to try.

I started yesterday with painting with watercolor because watercolor is one of my favorite ways to paint. I think that it always looks so beautiful. I actually was quite satisfied with some of the things that I did. 

The moral of the story, or rather this post, is that if there is something you have always loved and wanted to do but fear that you aren't good enough, do it. Practice it. Be okay with being 'bad' because eventually you will get good.

Lots of Love,

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