Apr 14, 2015

Trip to Florida!

Hello lovely people!

I am back from my wonderful week long trip to Orlando, Florida! As happy as I am to be home, sleeping in my own bed and no longer living from a suitcase, I miss the warm weather! The winter here has been brutal this year (as it has been in many places) and that short lived feeling of summer was something I didn't want to have to let go of.

I did not bring my laptop with me which is why I didn't post anything while I was there. I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with my cousin (I was visiting her for the week as well as vacationing). 

The trip was so much fun and much different than my prior visits to Orlando. This is because those other visits were solely trips to Disney World. This time we stayed in my cousins apartment rather than a Disney Resort Hotel, and we had two cars for transportation rather than none. 

(crappy phone picture I got on the plane on the way down there. you can also find this picture on my instagram!)

We spent the beginning of the week mostly in water, going to places like Wet n' Wild water park and Wekiwa Springs. I have always been a fish out of water so if you give me some to swim in, I can go for hours, which is what I did.

Friday was our shopping day in which we went to an outlet mall. I love a great deal and my-oh-my did they have some great deals there. I even got a new Victorias Secret bra for only twenty dollars! (Rather than the usual fifty or sixty dollars.)

We went to the beach on Saturday and that was my first time ever swimming in the ocean! I was on cloud nine. They had to practically drag me from the water when it was time to go. 

(me in front of the Hogwarts Express! you can also find this on my instagram!)

Since I found out I was going to Florida, I talked about how badly I wanted to go to Universal Studios, specifically for Harry Potter World. But I knew the tickets cost a lot of money and it probably wouldn't work out for us to go there. They told me we weren't going to make it there and instead we were going to Sea World which I accepted because I understood and figured that there would come a day when I could finally go! 

On Sunday they surprised me in telling me that we were actually going to Universal and I cried! Some of you are probably judging me for crying, but I am an emotional person and I was so happy that I couldn't help it! It's not like I sobbed... 

(the Magic Kingdom castle!)

We finished the week off with going to three of the Disney World parks (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) which was fun but nothing like my first two visits there. I decided that the only way to truly get the full Disney experience, you have to stay in one of the resorts, everything becomes so much more magical that way. 


This trip was so much fun and I wish I could keep reliving it! One thing I realized is that I was right all along. Something that I need to do in my life is travel. I have always said that I want so badly to go new places and get out of here. This trip gave me the tiniest taste of that and showed me that I'm correct. 

I can't wait to see the world someday.

Lots of Love,

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